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Commercial representation and negotiations

“To succeed in business, make others see things the way you see them.”
John Henry Patterson
Negotiations with partners are necessary to discuss the problem, which is of mutual interest and to find a joint solution. Nowadays negotiations and meetings are an essential part of business life. The success of the deal and the business in general depends largely on the organization of successful negotiations and mutual comprehension of the parties.

SAS Concierge Negotiations

⋅ Negotiating with contractors, public authorities on behalf of of the Client
⋅ Organization, support and participation in the negotiation process as a consultant
⋅ Organization and holding negotiations in order to find business partners in Poland
⋅ Representing the interests of the Client under tax authorities inspection
⋅ Business correspondence with potential partners on behalf of of the Client
⋅ Presence of the customer at negotiations
⋅ Analysis of the results, achievements and implementation of negotiated agreements

We will conduct negotiations, according to the goals and conditions settled by the client. Our experts will guide you in the negotiation process as consultants or will negotiate independently on behalf of your company.