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Company formation (LLC)

The Sp.z o.o. company (LLC – Limited Liability Company) establishment is one of most common forms of doing business and immigration to Poland.
We will provide you full support in your company in Poland, taking into account all your individual requirements. Company Formation is provided under the contract in compliance with the laws of Poland. The signing of the documents by the founders and board members is held in the presence of a notary and a sworn translator. If you do not have an appropriate visa – we will make a business invitation for a Polish visa.
Since the submission of all required documents, we are monitoring the status of your case and keep you informed on all actions during the registration of your company. The final stage of our cooperation is the transfer of all registration documents of the established Company.

SAS Concierge Company formation

ADVANTAGES of Sp.z.o.o. (Ltd.):
⋅ Unlimited business activity
⋅ A relatively small amount of the minimum charter capital (5000 PLN (about 1,210 euros)
⋅ Possibility of new co-founders entry
⋅ Operations in Europe without permits
⋅ Lack of co-founder personal responsibility (personal property is not associated with the property of the company)

 Frequently asked questions on company formation

⋅ Preparation of the Shareholders agreement (Charter)
⋅ Notary services to sign the Shareholders agreement (Charter)
⋅ Sworn translator services
⋅ Legal business address (first 3 months – free)
⋅ State dues
⋅ State court registration (KRS)
⋅ Statistical Administration registration (REGON)
⋅ Registration in Tax Inspection (VAT, VAT-UE, NIP)
⋅ Bank account
⋅ Company stamp

Copies of passports of all founders and board members, the first page (last name, first name, expiration date, passport №)
Locations of the founders and board members in the countries of origin
Shares / participation in the management of new company (who and in what amount)
The distribution of functions on the board (Chairman and Members of the Board – who and what duties in the new company)
Estimated types of business activity
The name of the company
Powers of attorney confirmed by the notary of the country of the founders origin (in case of absence of the company founders during the formation)
Signature samples confirmed by the notary of the country of origin of the founders origin (in case of absence of the company founders or members of the board)
1 – 2 weeks (7 – 14 days)


In cases when under certain circumstances you are unable to wait for the registration of a new company, a purchase of a Ready-made company in Poland is a convenient alternative to the establishment of a new legal entity.
Immigration to Poland through the company registration in Poland and getting a work permit (contract in your own company), is the most reliable and independent way of immigration – for further information please proceed to Business Immigration.
For post-registration maintenance company we provide Virtual office and Accounting services.