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Why Poland

Poland is one of the most popular destinations for investments and business development. When establishing business in Poland, you get access to the market of the entire European Union – 28 countries and 500 million consumers. Many non-European companies choose Poland its headquarters for further operations in Europe.
Poland is a member of WTO and OECD which is a confirmation of a strong international position of the country. Favorable economic, political and social environment forms a stable economy compared to other EU countries. Polish banking sector was the one not affected by the global crisis of 2007 between European countries and didn’t show an economic downturn. Currently the country is leading in bilateral trade in Central and Eastern Europe. Government policy in attracting infrastructure investments (25 billion euros in the energy sector) contributes to further stability and growth.
We kindly invite polish companies, that want to establish business contacts with foreign entrepreneurs to cooperate with our team. Our company work with polish companies is directed towards Polish entrepreneurs, interested in trade and investment cooperation between Poland and other countries. We assist companies in matchmaking with Polish business partners.

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Poland is centrally located at the crossroads of several major transit routes. Due to the transit location between Western Europe and the CIS countries, the majority of goods traffic on various trade routes between these countries passes through Poland. The country has the access to the Baltic Sea (connection with Scandinavian countries) and at the same time a long border with the biggest EU economy – Germany.
One of the most optimal tax systems in the EU. Fixed current corporate tax rate is 19%. For example, in Germany it is 30%, Estonia – 21%, Hungary – 20.6%. More information on taxation in Poland, you will find in Useful information.
Market Volume
Poland is the sixth largest market in EU and 33rd in the world (38.5 million people). The total area of the country makes 312,679 square kilometers, which is more than United Kingdom (242,900 km²) and Italy (301,336 km²).
Business Support
Comparatively low authorized capital rate for  company formation (about € 1200), not necessary transferred at the company account during registration.
Minimal requirements for licenses on types of economic activity, lack of requirements on investments and property purchase.
Low post-registration company maintenance cost (about 200 € per month.). Low operating costs for rental of premises – the average cost of office space leasing per m² / year in Warsaw is € 150 (in Hong Kong €1247, in London (West End) €1188, €926 in Moscow).
The absence of residence permit requirements for board members of established company in Poland, no compulsory employment of citizens of Poland in the company compared to other EU countries.
The company, founded and managed by foreign citizens, has equal rights with other business entities in Poland.
The access to the European crediting (simplified procedures and minimal rates).
No restrictions on transactions in foreign currency. The established company in Poland may obtain funding from sources outside the country. Sources of funding may be Structural Funds and Solidarity Fund of the European Union, programs of international financial institutions and commercial structures.
Highly developed infrastructure allows to quickly and optimally organize the business.
All major cities have their own airports (16). Three main sea cargo ports (Gdansk, Gdynia and Swinoujscie). Recently there is a direct freight rail connection between Chengdu (China) and Lodz (Poland) (14 days) is the alternative to sea transportation (minimum 45 days). The road network is developed.
About 50% of Poles are included in the age group “under 35”. In addition, when compared with other EU countries, the Polish workforce is cheaper and not inferior in quality.
Investment Climate
The authorities attract foreign investments in polish economy – there are tax incentives, special economic zones, grants – both from the state and the EU budgets. Prerequisites for grants and benefits are large investments, employment guarantees for the local population and technological innovations.
Currently there are 14 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Poland. There are some limitations when applying for an investment permission in SEZs (100 000 EUR is a minimum investment and the project must be within an approved sector of operation). However the benefits are up to 50% exemption on corporation tax or property tax.
In 1989 the inflow of international investors started in Poland after the collapse of the Soviet Bloc. Through the years global companies have established their representative offices in Poland: AIG, Citygroup, Crédit Agricole, Societe Generale, ING, Danone, Dell, GE, Motorola, Sharp, Toshiba, Thomson and many others. Many international IT companies appreciate the high qualifications of Polish software engineers.
We are ready to provide you full support for the company establishment in Poland, buying ready-made companies and business, search for business partners to enter the EU market, as well as offer you solutions to all issues of doing business in Poland.
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